Visibly smoother skin in less than 4 weeks.

Reduce the appearance of hair growth, blemishes and age spot with #1 rated skincare tools.

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Backed by science & proven by you

We want to ensure that you get the hair removal results you’re after while guaranteeing you’re kept safe and sound on your journey to hair-free skin. Our goal is to bring clinical grade hair removal right into the comfort of your own home and provide you with the results you deserve in just 30 minutes. At Glazee Skin, we’re proud to consistently prove that body hair removal can, and should, be both effective and safe.

One tool, Unlimited self-care

• Permanent hair reduction

• Reduce breakouts & smooth fine lines

• Boost skin's glow

• Age spot reduction

• Reveal a youthful radiance

• Real results, fast

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In clinical trial...

...9 out of 10 subjects said they saw a reduction in hair after 4 weeks.