The Best Skin Care Tips You Should Be Using Today!

The Best Skin Care Tips You Should Be Using Today!

It’s easy to neglect your skin in favour of getting a takeaway and calling it self-love. But this is your sign to put time aside to show your skin some love. So what are the best skin care tips you can take on board?

We all know the basics: change your pillowcases regularly, drink plenty of water and top up your beauty sleep regularly. However, what about those tips that are too easy to forget?


Number one on any list of skin care tips: Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

Drinking water is proven to help keep your skin glowing through hydration. But it will not hurt to add some extra hydrating into your regular skin routine.

You should be moisturising your face twice a day, anyway. Though any more than this will make your skin too oily. If you already have over oily skin, then look for a daily moisturiser that will help your skin appear less oily while still keeping your skin hydrated.

It’s also important to keep your body hydrated. As a rule, hydrate your body with a natural moisturiser (like coconut oil) after every shower or whenever your skin seems itchy.


Give Your Skin A Break

You need to let your skin breathe every once in a while. Pick a day during the week when you don’t overload your skin with make-up or skin masks.

Keeping your skincare routine simple with a few products will prevent you from irritating your skin with too many chemicals. Stick to one daily cleanser and moisturiser, that will be enough.


Stick To Your Routine is One of The Best Skin Care Tips

Once you have found a basic routine that works for your skin, stick to it.

Adding new products to your routine means that your skin needs to acclimatise to new formulas. This is fine so long as you wait a few months until you change your routine up again.

Changing your regular products too often will irritate your skin and prevent it from being healthy.


Don’t Over Exfoliate

It’s an important part of your routine to exfoliate and should be done regularly. After all, doing so is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells and allow space for new, healthier cells to grow.

However, if you exfoliate your skin more than a few times a week you run the chance of scrubbing away those healthy skin cells too.

Do not exceed exfoliating your face 3 times a week as it will irritate quickly. If you see your face already showing irritation, then skip the exfoliation for a few days to allow your skin to recover.


Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Anything that touches your skin should be cleaned often, especially your make-up brushes.

In a bath 3 parts water, 1 part shampoo, wash your make-up brushes, and allow them to thoroughly dry before using again.

For reference, clean concealer and heavy make-up brushes once a week, eye or lip brushes twice a month, and any other brushes at least once a month. Though if any of your brushes are overly dirty, wash them anyway.

These are all great ways to achieve smooth skin which looks youthful and fresh as a daisy!

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